EarnApp FAQ

Welcome to EarnApp FAQ. We tried to answer the most common questions here, in simple English. 

If you have any questions that are not covered in this document, please contact us. We usually answer the same or next day.


It’s a new way for you to make money from your PC if you are a use, or from your apps if you are a developer.

EarnApp for users is a PC/Mac app that allows users to generate money from their PC.

EarnApp for developers is an SDK that developers can add to their apps in order to monetize their app.

Both use the same engine and operate in a similar way. From a user’s ongoing usage perspective, both  generate revenue without interrupting the user.

EarnApp is owned by Bright Data. For more information, see the BrightData site.

Bright Data is owned by EMK – a leading, regulated private equity fund based in the UK.

BrightData works with over 10,000 customers like major banks, universities, social networks, ecommerce sites, and many brands you know. BrightData enables these qualified customers to download publicly available web data using the user’s Internet connection – data like web statistics, price comparison, and other verified business processes.

In general, companies use publicly available information (for example, product prices) for detailed research and financial analyses. But in many cases, when companies use their own IP address to browse the Internet, they can get inaccurate data. So getting the web page from a user’s IP address helps companies see the web as regular users see it – which ensures complete and accurate data.

Here are some examples of when companies get more accurate information from websites by using different IP addresses:

– To protect their brand: Are sites selling fake versions of my product?

– To protect their users: Are advertisers showing ads for products I don’t allow (e.g. firearms)

– To offer the best prices: What are the real prices 

BrightData helps them get accurate information, which helps companies expand their databases and improve their products, services and pricing.

Only qualified companies. BrightData carefully approves each and every company that asks to use its service. Only qualified, respectable companies are allowed to send traffic through your users. Every company needs to sign agreements and show personal identification. FYI, BrightData is very selective – they reject hundreds of companies who ask to use the Residential Proxy Network that EarnApp helps power!  

You can read how BrightData screens customers in this super detailed blog post

BrightData gets the same web content that any normal user will see when visiting a webpage in anonymous mode (i.e. not logged in), from his PC. For example:

  • Average review score of a product on an ecommerce website
  • The price of a London to New York flight ticket on an airline site
  • The text of an ad on a social network
  • Search results of a specific query (e.g. “best pizza in town”)

Yes. We take great care to make sure EarnApp is secure,  EarnApp code is audited every 3 months by external auditors, and tested daily on multiple anti-virus platforms in order to ensure there are no false positive detections.

EarnApp for users

As of September 2021, you can use EarnApp in the following countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Great Britain
  • Netherlands
  • Japan
  • Turkey
  • Australia
Note that even if you manage to install EarnApp in countries that are not in this list, you will not earn anything…

We will be adding additional countries soon – stay tuned.

Your earnings are based on your location and the total volume of traffic EarnApp is able to send through your machine. You can see your earnings at any time on the EarnApp control panel.

It’s important to understand that earnings are not constant. If we have a lot of traffic for your country, you will see more earnings, and if there is less, you will see less earnings. Some days you may not see any earnings – that’s normal. Bandwidth used is payments calculations is measured on EarnApp server side.

There is no limit on your earnings.

We support payments by PayPal. You will be paid when your balance goes over $20.

We issue PayPal payments 3 times a week. If the payment did not get to you, please verify that your PayPal is correctly setup to receive payments – usually this requires a phone number, address, tax information etc.

We process Amazon gift cards once a week, so if you didn’t get your card yet, please check in a few days. If you still did not get your card, contact us.

We recommend PayPal as a payment method.

Currently you can use EarnApp on Windows. Mac version is coming shortly.

Note that Android is no longer supported.

To maximize earnings:

  • Make sure your device(s) are online for as long as possible.
  • Make sure they are connected with your best connection (for example: LAN is better than WiFi)
  • Prevent the device(s) from going to sleep/hibernate. There is no problem to turn off the monitor of course.

Yes, in fact this will increase your earnings because the more devices you have online, the more likely it is that the EarnApp algorithm will select your device.

Note, however, that having 2 or 3 devices online does NOT mean you will make 2X or 3X. The increase is much smaller.

YES! For now, please do not uninstall the app if you want to keep your balance.

We are working on an updated version which will allow you to keep your balance after uninstalling, it should be available shortly and auto-update.

We will update this answer as soon as the new version is live.

EarnApp needs to use your original location. Do not use a VPN to change your IP; this will be detected by EarnApp and you will not earn any money for traffic that goes through VPNs.

Yes. You may use EarnApp on one or more virtual machines (e.g. windows VM on Linux etc).  Remember that the VM must always have a public, residential IP address. Otherwise, you will not get any earnings.

We will soon launch an affiliate program, which means you will be able to share a link with your affiliate code, and earn also from friends who install EarnApp.


EarnApp for Developers: Overview

It’s a new way for you to monetize your apps, that does not disturb the user but works in the background.

EarnApp helps companies collect information that is publicly available on the web. It uses the user’s IP address to download a few web pages in the background from well known Internet sites. This is done in a way that never interrupts the user, and is totally GDPR/CCPA compliant. The webpages are then sent to the companies, who use them to improve their databases, offering better products, services and pricing.  

It does not matter if you offer a free, paid or ad-supported app, you can decide when to integrate the EarnApp offer in your user flows to maximize your revenue. Here are just 3 examples of how you can use EarnApp to optimize your revenue:

  • Paid app: At the end of a paid app’s trial period, offer EarnApp to the user in exchange for a trial extension, or a limited version of the paid version. This gives you more time to convert the user to payment – and generates additional revenue until they convert.
  • Free, ad-supported app: Offer EarnApp to the user as an alternative to the ad-supported version. Not only will user experience be better and retention higher, you  will generate higher revenue than with the ad supported version.
  • Free app: Ask your user to support you by accepting the EarnApp offer.

– It is an additional revenue channel that can be implemented in parallel to your existing monetization in order to maximize revenue. In some cases, EarnApp is more profitable than standard premium (license/subscription) or free (ad-supported) revenue models.

It improves the user experience for your app. Offering a few premium features for free or removing ads means happier users, more organic downloads and better reviews.

Help major companies fight Internet fraud, consumers to get best prices online, and universities and researchers to have high quality data

This really depends on your app. Remember, you can use EarnApp selectively and decide when exactly in the user flow it makes sense to show the offer screen.

For example, you can use EarnApp to unlock a few premium features in your app, but require a paid license for the full capabilities. This means you can provide the user with some functionality while enjoying some revenue, and have the opportunity to upsell other features.

Contact an EarnApp expert to hear about our experience with app developers similar to you.

We hate that answer too, but: it depends. On what? Mostly on your user base of active users, the quality of their internet connection, and their geographic location.

We have a lot of experience in this – so we can give you an estimate of how much you can earn with EarnApp. Contact an EarnApp expert to get an estimate.

We believe in full transparency. The user needs to understand what they are agreeing to. That is why the user is presented with a simple 1-screen offer, and not just a long text EULA that is hard to read or understand.

Note: The offer screen is provided by EarnApp. You may not change any of the layout or contents.

Yes! The user can opt-out anytime. You need to add a menu entry to where the user can disable EarnApp.

No problem! The user can decline when the EarnApp screen appears, and then we suggest you offer them the ad-supported or premium version of your app. Keep in mind that the user may also opt-out at any point from the settings menu.

We don’t want your data. Bright Data uses only the Internet connection. We don’t see, collect or send any personal data, ever. Bright Data is compliant with the GDPR and CCPA.

No! When data is downloaded from a website, it does not contain any information about the user. To the website it looks like a totally new, anonymous user that is not logged in coming from the user’s IP address.

No! Bright Data customers send requests to Bright Data’s Secure Cloud. The request is then sent via your user’s device to the public website, and goes back to the customer via the Secure Cloud. The customer does not know where the response came from – not even your user’s IP address. They just know it came from country XYZ.

Bright Data is fully committed to complying with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including the new EU data protection regulatory framework – the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”).

As an enthusiastic advocate of internet security and privacy, Bright Data understands the importance of providing data subjects with greater control on their privacy and data. Therefore, we have taken considerable efforts to ensure that our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the GDPR and CCPA, and the industry’s best practices regarding, among other things, respecting data subjects’ requests to exercise their rights.

We are constantly examining applicable legal developments as well as the relevant provisions of the GDPR and CCPA in order to develop tools for our customers’ privacy-compliant use of our services.

EarnApp for Developers: Technical

Currently you can use EarnApp to monetize apps that run on:

  • Windows 
  • Mac
  • Android apps distributed via the Amazon playstore
  • SmartTVs (LG, Samsung)

We will contact all our developers when new platforms become available.

Implementation is fairly simple. Basically, you decide when to show the EarnApp screen, and if the user accepts, you modify the app behaviour (e.g. not display ads; unlock some premium features).

You also need to add an easy way for the user to opt out, for example in your app’s settings menu.

Please contact us to receive the implementation guide for your app’s platform(s).


No. The Internet connection may only be used when the device is not busy with other tasks. EarnApp carefully safeguards device resources and ensures traffic is only sent by using the device’s available resources, in a manner that will not substantially affect the device’s operation.

It depends on the user’s Internet connection, country and other factors – but in general, BrightData only downloads traffic that is equivalent to a few web pages per day. In any case, remember that any data access will take place only when the computer is not loaded, so it will never slow anything down.

No, EarnApp does not use any space on your hard disk.

Very little. And even that happens only when the device is not loaded. In fact, your user will never feel it running. They will never see 100% CPU or experience any slowdown in apps!

No. CPU is only used when EarnApp sends traffic, which happens only when the device resources are available, so the user never feels it.

Only after the user clicks “Accept” on the consent screen.

EarnApp for Developers: Payments

EarnApp will pay you the sign-up bonus as soon as you release a version of your app with the SDK.

The bonus is an advance payment for your earnings. 

  • If your earnings exceed $1000 for the 1st month, we will pay the difference.
  • If your earnings are under $1000 for the 1st month, we will start paying you once you reach $1000 in earnings.

Your earnings are based on the number of active monthly users that opted-in to EarnApp. You can see your earnings at any time on the EarnApp control panel. For any questions, you can also contact your account manager.

We support payments by Wire, PayPal and Payoneer.

Payment will be made against a valid invoice, within 10 days following the end of a month.