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Welcome to EarnApp FAQ. We tried to answer the most common questions here, in simple English. 

If you have any questions that are not covered in this document, please contact us. We usually answer the same or next day.

It’s a new way for you to make money from your PC and Linux/Raspberry Pi if you are a user, or from your apps if you are a developer.

Everybody has an internet connection. But not everybody is using their full potential. Why not make some extra money? EarnApp helps users make money with unused internet bandwidth, but it’s not just about the money. With this app, you are making positive contribution to the society by using your unused bandwidth for good!

EarnApp for users is a PC/Mac app that allows users to generate money from their PC.

EarnApp for developers is an SDK that developers can add to their apps in order to monetize their app.

Both use the same engine and operate in a similar way. From a user’s ongoing usage perspective, both  generate revenue without interrupting the user.

EarnApp is owned by Bright Data. For more information, see the BrightData site.

Bright Data is owned by EMK – a leading, regulated private equity fund based in the UK.

BrightData works with over 10,000 customers like major banks, universities, social networks, ecommerce sites, and many brands you know. BrightData enables these qualified customers to download publicly available web data using the user’s Internet connection – data like web statistics, price comparison, and other verified business processes.

In general, companies use publicly available information (for example, product prices) for detailed research and financial analyses. But in many cases, when companies use their own IP address to browse the Internet, they can get inaccurate data. So getting the web page from a user’s IP address helps companies see the web as regular users see it – which ensures complete and accurate data.

Here are some examples of when companies get more accurate information from websites by using different IP addresses:

– To protect their brand: Are sites selling fake versions of my product?

– To protect their users: Are advertisers showing ads for products I don’t allow (e.g. firearms)

– To offer the best prices: What are the real prices 

BrightData helps them get accurate information, which helps companies expand their databases and improve their products, services and pricing.

Only qualified companies. BrightData carefully approves each and every company that asks to use its service. Only qualified, respectable companies are allowed to send traffic through your users. Every company needs to sign agreements and show personal identification. FYI, BrightData is very selective – they reject hundreds of companies who ask to use the Residential Proxy Network that EarnApp helps power!  

You can read how BrightData screens customers in this super detailed blog post

BrightData gets the same web content that any normal user will see when visiting a webpage in anonymous mode (i.e. not logged in), from his PC. For example:

  • Average review score of a product on an ecommerce website
  • The price of a London to New York flight ticket on an airline site
  • The text of an ad on a social network
  • Search results of a specific query (e.g. “best pizza in town”)

Yes. We take great care to make sure EarnApp is secure,  EarnApp code is audited every 3 months by external auditors and tested daily on multiple anti-virus platforms in order to ensure there are no false-positive detections.

Please see the attached document to see how EarnApp complies with multiple security company requirements.

We appreciate any contribution that helps us keep our users safe.

We will provide a basic reward of $100 for a qualified and unknown vulnerability report. For critical and high-impact security vulnerabilities we will provide a higher reward at our discretion. Email the Chief Privacy Officer.

We take great pride in protecting our users and explaining the meaning of becoming part of EarnApp by applying different measures.

Our consent screen is as explanatory as possible. We have been whitelisted by major Anti Virus companies and have been certified by Appesteem.

EarnApp for Users

We support all countries.
You can freely download the app and start earning money.
Note that each country has a different rate. The rates are decided according to the demand per country.
Rates can change from time to time, check your rates in your dashboard
The rates page will be added soon.

Yes it is! We proudly present the Appesteem certificate after complying with their strict guidelines. 

We are whitelisted by major antivirus engines such as AVG, McAfee, Microsoft Defender and more.

Kaspersky detects the general type of technology used by the EarnApp to collect web data, which is called proxy. 

But they also say very clearly that this it is NOT a virus. You can see specifically that Kaspersky, in their knowledge base, writes “If a user has installed such a program on his/her computer, or if it was installed by a system administrator, then it does not pose any threat.”

Find more info on 
Kaspersky site

Your earnings are based on your location and the total volume of traffic EarnApp is able to send through your machine. You can see your earnings at any time on the EarnApp dashboard.

It’s important to understand that earnings are not constant. If we have a lot of traffic for your country, you will see more earnings, and if there is less, you will see less earnings. Some days you may not see any earnings – that’s normal. Bandwidth used is payments calculations is measured on EarnApp server side.

There is no limit on your earnings.


You need to setup auto-redeem to receive payments.

We support payments by PayPal, Amazon gift card and coming soon donate to a charity of your choice.
You will be paid when your balance goes over $2.5 using PayPal or when your balance goes over $50 using Amazon gift card.

Currently, we support:

  1. PayPal
  2. Amazon gift cards

Supported Amazon domains:

  • amazon.com
  • amazon.ca
  • amazon.de
  • amaozn.co.uk
  • amazon.com.tr

It is important to setup a redeem method to get your earnings.
Follow these steps to setup auto-redeem:
– Log in to your dashboard

– Click on “Setup auto-redeem” button

– Select payment method, PayPal/Amazon

– Verify payment email

– Click on the “Save” button

Your auto-redeem is set.

Redeems happens every day between 07:00 AM UTC and 11:00 AM UTC

All redeem requests are placed in the transactions section in the dashboard

If you entered a wrong email address to your auto-redeem, then you can edit it before the next redeem cycle.

If an auto-redeem occurred then we will not be able to pay on payout day and your redeem amount will be added back to your account. 

NOTE: After auto-redeem occurs there is no option to change the email address or add back the amount back to the account balance, only in the case mentioned above.

coming soon, you will be able select a charity in your redeem options in the dashboard.

Coming soon, these are the charities we support:

  • American Heart Association.
  • Greenpeace.
  • Red Cross.
  • Save The Children.
  • The Salvation Army.
  • Action Against Hunger

If you are a charity and want to be added to the list, please contact us

It’s important to understand that earnings are not constant. If we have a lot of traffic for your country, you will see more earnings, and if there is less, you will see less earnings. Some days you may not see any earnings – that’s normal.

Always check if you are using EarnApp in a supported country. If your country is not on the list, you will not see traffic.

Don’t forget that EarnApp only works if you have a residential IP address. You may experience low (or in some cases, zero) traffic if you are using a VPN or a virtual machine.

In any case, note that bandwidth used for payments calculations is measured on EarnApp server side. What you see on the client side is an approximate number only.

We issue PayPal payments 3 times a week.

If your EarnApp transaction shows as “Paid” but you did not receive the payment, it means your PayPal account may be currently Limited. Check your email as you should receive an email from PayPal to proceed with a verification process which includes proof of address and Identification as a procedure in complying to money laundry laws. If the PayPal account is closed or users mistyped their account email, the amount will go back to your account dashboard in the following days after the payment is processed.

Users must have a valid PayPal account and EarnApp will not take any responsibility for any issue regarding possible Limitations and closed accounts due to country restrictions or lack of documentation.

We also do not recommend the use of third party PayPal accounts as an exchange method for other currencies and we are not responsible for or will be able to provide any support regarding possible losses or transactions ID information.

We process Amazon gift cards once a week, so if you didn’t get your card yet, please check in a few days. If you still did not get your card, contact us.

We recommend PayPal as a payment method.

Currently you can use EarnApp on Windows/Linux/Raspberry Pi/Mac/Android.

To maximize earnings:

  • Make sure your device(s) are online for as long as possible.
  • Make sure they are connected with your best connection (for example: LAN is better than WiFi)
  • Prevent the device(s) from going to sleep/hibernate. There is no problem to turn off the monitor of course.
  • Having many devices with different IPs online increases the chances of earning more
  • Invite friends and family to earn money from their earnings

Yes, in fact, this will increase your earnings because the more devices you have online, the more likely it is that the EarnApp algorithm will select your device.
The chances are getting even higher if you have many devices online with different residential IPs.

Note, however, that having 2 or 3 devices with the same IP online does NOT mean you will make 2X or 3X. The increase is much smaller.

Important: each device must have its own unique ID.

NO! Account balance displayed in your dashboard.
You can visit your dashboard at any time and if you reached the minimum amount you will receive your money with auto-redeem.


Yes, You may use VPNs but only if the IP is residential. Note that using VPNs is not recommended. Why? Because if you use a VPN that gives residential IP and others use it too, with the same IP, it might be marked as non-residential IP. And then you don’t earn – you won’t get traffic at all. You see a notification for bad IP addresses in the dashboard.

If your IP is banned, it probably has a low quality score. You can try to change your public IP address

NOTE: BrightVPN is not supported

Yes. You may use EarnApp on one or more virtual machines (e.g. windows VM on Linux etc). But we do NOT recommend doing this. Some websites are able to detect traffic coming from PC that is not a real user machine. Because of that it is possible that on a VM you will get less traffic than your real machine, meaning you will earn less.

In any case, remember that the VM must always its own public, residential IP address. Otherwise, you will not get any earnings – EarnApp detects the violation and you simply won’t see any traffic.

Having multiple VMs sharing a single residential IP address will not help you earn more.

To see your devices in the dashboard and earn money you need to link them to your account by signing in through the app.

On windows on the first installation:
– Click on “Sign in”
– The browser will open, then sign in using your Gmail account
– The device will be linked automatically
– See a notification on the top right corner “Device successfully linked”

On Android on the first installation:
– Click on “Sign in”
– The browser will open, then sign in using your Gmail account
– The device will be linked automatically
– See a notification  “Device successfully linked”

On Linux/Raspberry Pi on the first installation:
– Open the URL provided to you in the browser.
 – Sign in using your Gmail account
– The device will be linked automatically
– See a notification  “Device successfully linked”

Follow these steps to uninstall the app from your PC:

  • Click on windows start
  • Type “Add or remove programs” and click enter
  • Select EarnApp from the list and click uninstall

EarnApp aims to have the best possible network for our enterprise customers. We use multiple 3rd party services to measure the quality of IP addresses. If your IP address was flagged by these services, it might not work for EarnApp. Here are a few possible reasons for this:

  • The IP address was detected as VPN, means you are not using your home IP address but using a VPN and that VPN IP address has a high fraud score.
  • The IP address was detected as high risk, means our 3rd party providers received abuse reports from websites for the IP address.
  • Wrong type of IP address means you are not using a residential IP, but a datacenter IP – for example, if you run EarnApp on a VPS.
  • The IP address is in an unsupported country, means that at this point in time, EarnApp does not support your location.

Yes, by using your referral link, which means you will be able to share the link and earn also from friends who install EarnApp.

You can see all your referrals in your dashboard.
In the dashboard, you can see current and lifetime earnings from your referrals

Each user that will sign up from your referral link will earn you lifetime income from their earnings. The percent of referral earnings may change from time to time.

NOTE: If you and your referral share the same IP on a particular day, you will not earn from the referral on that day.

Yes we do! Download these to include in your social channels (click to access):

YouTube banner

Mobile Blog/Web 200×200 px
Mobile Blog/Website Pop-up 
Blog/Website Pop-up banner

Social/FB Banner

Link your referral link to the image so when users click on it – they will be redirected to EarnApp and you will benefit from their rewards! 

Find out where your referral link is here.

EarnApp for Users: Linux/Raspberry Pi

Generally, if your PC or Raspberry Pi can run Linux, it can run EarnApp.

  • Linux: In principle, EarnApp should run on any linux distribution on any X64 platform. It was tested on Ubuntu20. Please let us know if you encounter issues on other versions.
  • Raspberry Pi: You can use any Raspberry Pi from any generation. For this tutorial, we assume that your Pi is connected to the Internet and runs Raspberry Pi OS.

This process should only take a few minutes to complete. Open a terminal window and enter the following command:
wget -qO- https://brightdata.com/static/earnapp/install.sh > /tmp/earnapp.sh && sudo bash /tmp/earnapp.sh

You will need to accept EarnApp’s terms of user and enter your account details. You should see the following on your terminal window
After the download ends, EarnApp will install:

On first installation, don’t forget to link the device to your account.

EarnApp will run as a service, which means it will automatically start when you reboot the Linux/Raspberry Pi.
That’s it – you are up and running! To view your earnings and manage your account, go to your EarnApp Dashboard

Docker packages an application and all its dependencies in a container that can run on any platform with Docker support (Windows, Linux, macOS and others, which makes it platform-independent). Docker images are typically very small, which facilitates rapid delivery with minimal install hassle and reduces the time needed to deploy. 

  • Note: while it may be possible to install EarnApp via a Docker, there is no official EarnApp Docker and we do not recommend using it because we are unable to verify it is safe.

In your command prompter run the following command: “earnapp uninstall”

EarnApp for Users: Android

You can install the app from here.

Important note:
The app is currently being detected by Google play protect, this detection is a false-positive detection, and the app is safe for use.
We are working with Google to clear this detection out.
The app may get removed from your phone by google play protect, but you can enable the app from the google play protect settings.

IP blocked appeal

Register for EarnApp Beta program

It usually takes 2-3 business days to process payment request and another 6-7 business days to send the payments.

If you not received payments in the next few days contact us again.

It usually takes 2-3 business days to process payment request and another 4-5 business days to send the payments.

If you not received payments in the next few days contact us again.

Submit a request

* Payments and Tech issues sent under General request will be ignored
** At the moment support provided only in English

Sorry, EarnApp is not supported in your country at the moment. Please see the FAQ.

Thank you for contacting us
We will get back to you as soon as possible

Meanwhile, visit our FAQ for more information

Thank you for registering for the EarnApp Beta program.

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