About Us

Our Mission

Create a solid architecture that allows data-driven facts to be delivered to companies to implement into their decision making processes.

Who we are

Bright Data Inc, the world’s leading web data platform, owns EarnApp. Together with other platforms like the PiggyBox, it provides a global network of millions of individuals who help retrieve valuable public online data in the most authentic and solid manner possible. Thousands of clients rely on this information to make important business choices.

Customers in nearly every sector rely on our software to collect trustworthy, large-scale public data in an efficient manner.

We encourage open web data and work to maintain markets transparent and competitive for everyone’s benefit.

Get paid to help businesses collect public data

When you run EarnApp, you agree to allow Bright Data to use your IP address to collect public web data from the internet in exchange for getting paid without having to do anything. Major companies pay to use your IP to conduct business activities like market research, website testing, and price and product comparisons without getting restricted by their location or misled by their competitors. Your IP address is never used for malicious activity, nor is your personal information ever accessed or collected. EarnApp is whitelisted by major anti-virus companies and we are certified by Appesteem

State of the art
proprietary technology

Bright Data patented it’s software which enables clients with cutting-edge technology.

Data collecting in
a responsible manner

Our first objective is to make our user network secure, ethical, and compliant with legal rules (GDPR and CCPA).

Our Journey

EarnApp takes great pride in its roots – Bright Data, our mother-company, has grown extensively since its beginning, take a look!

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