What is an “IP quality score” and why does it matter?

Collecting public data from the web requires a reliable network of IP addresses. This can only be achieved with high quality IP.

EarnApp’s parent company, BrightData, is in the business of web data. Its customers use Bright Data to collect publicly available information from the Internet.  For example, an E-Commerce company might use Bright Data to gather prices and product reviews – the same information anyone on the Internet can see. The ability to collect public web data helps businesses provide their consumers with competitive prices, travel information, and much more. 

High quality IP addresses are essential to a reliable data collection infrastructure. This is why EarnApp is careful about who joins its network to ensure that its infrastructure and data collecting capabilities are stable and reliable. 

Most websites use 3rd party sites to verify the quality of an IP address. When a website determines that a low quality IP address is trying to access their website, the website might require the user to complete a CAPTCHA, or in some cases might even  block access altogether! 

This is why EarnApp is careful to not use IP addresses that have been flagged because of suspicious activity, because these types of IPs can damage our network and customers. And this is why , we sometimes have to ban IPs determined to be problematic.

There are several types of IPs that are considered low quality: a DataCenter IP, an IP that has a high fraud score, or an IP that was shared by many users.

We use a combination of 3rd party services to measure the quality of each IP. We also let you check your IP using the IP checker tool

Of course, no system is perfect. Sometimes it can make a mistake and categorize a perfectly good IP as low quality. This is a false positive, so feel free to appeal by filling out our appeal form if you think your IP was mischaracterized.

If you have issues, you can always try to change your IP address. For example, unplug your router for some time (e.g. before you go to sleep) and reconnect it, or talk to your ISP.

To sum up: EarnApp’s rigorous compliance process is built to protect our customers and provide them with excellent service and high quality IPs. 

Thanks for using EarnApp!