Earn-Up: move in the right direction – EarnApp!

EarnApp’s originates in crowdsourcing , obtaining information by enlisting the services of a large number of people.

Our community of users support internet transparency for all! It enables you to become part of a growing network that gathers public information into a structured form of data output, making it accessible.

EarnApp, what is it really?

EarnApp, unlocks content from all around the world through its grid of millions of connected users. Companies, organizations and businesses you rely on everyday, utilize this information to construct their business strategies that eventually provide you, the user, various advantages such as new research, price comparison or even find an available doctor’s appointment.. 

Need an example?
Ever looked for the best price for shoes, electronic devices or flight tickets? We have all been there, being price conscious, wearing our smart consumer hat, right? Online prices can differ based on numerous variables. Location is one example: websites connect to our network and get the best deal possible throughout our users worldwide.

Is EarnApp safe?
EarnApp has been certified by AppEsteem and is whitelisted by the leading antivirus engines.

The only thing EarnApp has access to is your IP number. It uses spare bandwidth to anonymously search and download web data we all have access to directly from the Internet. It doesn’t know anything about you or your browsing activity.

State of the art tools to do good

EarnApp is owned by Bright Data. The Bright Initiative provides academic institutions & public bodies with pro-bono access to leading data technology and expertise to drive positive change.

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Do good AND Earn money? Where do I Sign Up?
Contributing to internet transparency is nice, but making money is even better! Gain access to more money making opportunities EarnApp has to offer (like our referral program) and make even more money. Payment is done automatically – EVERY MONTH.

Applying is easy – get started immediately! Start here.