Earn passive income
while your devices rest

Make big money, safely, by sharing the unused resources on your resting devices

A simple and safe
additional income stream

Get paid via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards to let fully-vetted companies use your resting device’s unused resources.

No collection personal data

No personal data is ever collected. Period. Earnapp only pays for your resting device bandwidth. At no point will any company have access to your private data.


We constantly monitor our network activity. Companies are vetted and monitored for usage that must comply with our strict 'Know Your Customer' compliance standards.

Ethical usage

Earnapp enables companies to route their secure traffic through real user devises, which enables them to collect public web data.

Empowering researchers


“Like all research results, ours are published in conference proceedings and journals. We are also looking into ways of taking Bright Data's product into the field of education of the Master Digital Driven Business.”


“The owners of exit nodes agreed to route Bright Data traffic through their hosts in exchange for free service.”


“Ethics To conduct these experiments, we paid the operators of Bright Data for access, and we abided by their terms of service. The owners of exit nodes agreed to route Bright Data traffic through their hosts in exchange for free service”


“We access residential users' Internet connection through Bright Data, which is a paid service. We do not compromise the security or privacy of users (of exit nodes) beyond using their internet connection, which they have agreed to when signing up with Bright Data.”

How it works

1. Download

2. Install

3. Run

Estimate my earnings

Connect more devices to maximize your earnings

What impacts your earnings


Your device's IP location affects your earnings, as some businesses prefer certain locations over others.

Internet Performance

Speed of 50mbps and ping under 50ms are best positioned to earn big. A reliable internet connection is essential to route traffic through devices.

Devices and availability

The more connected devices you have, the more passive income you earn.


Download Earnapp on different devices to maximize your earnings