It's a win-win-win

You make more money, your users enjoy a better app experience, and we help create a better internet.

Better retention, higher conversion

Convincing free users to pay is never easy. EarnApp generates revenue, enabling a limited premium version. This increases retention, giving you more upsell options, optimizing your revenue.

Less ads, more revenue

Ads hurt user experience and reduce retention. EarnApp pays more than ads, but does not annoy your users. This means better reviews, more organic installs and higher retention.

Totally transparent and secure

We believe in total transparency. Users understand what they agree to. Everything is clearly explained in simple English. And EarnApp is secured on multiple levels.
72M Users already opted-in to EarnApp
80% Users already opted-in to EarnApp
15% Increase in user retention due to better experience

EarnApp revenue allowed us to remove ads from the app. We noticed a real increase in retention and improved scores in user reviews!

Yes, it’s totally safe!

Opt out at any time

Peers and users can opt-out at any time.

Only by consent

Your users only opt-in willingly to the peer-sharing of their device resources, along with their premium service

User devices are protected

Peer devices are safeguarded so that there is no impact on the device’s operation.

No personal data is ever collected

At no point is a user’s personal data ever collected by us or any of the fully-vetted and monitored businesses.

Fully vetted companies

Business leaders including Fortune500 companies will route secure traffic through your users' devices allowing them to level the playing field in their respective industries by collecting fully compliant open-source data.

Ethical usage

We constantly monitor our network activity. We only approve use cases that comply with our strict 'Know Your Customer' compliance standards.

Giving back

We make our networks available to non- profits, universities and research institutions who use these data sets as a crucial part of their medical solutions and social projects.

Making money is great, but what will you do with my users' device?

Empowering scientists & research

Giving all businesses a fair playing field

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